Review: Mario Kart Wii

May 10, 2008

Summary: Mario Kart Wii is the latest in the long line of kart stalwarts from nintendo. Mario Kart has appeared on the SNES, N64, GBA, GameCube, DS and now the Wii – and the Wii version may be the most fun of them all. Why? Online multiplayer, that’s why.

Gameplay – A: If you haven’t played a Mario Kart game before the idea is deceptively simple. Race a go-kart around a variety of cartoony tracks against a variety of other Nintendo characters. Depth is provided by the choice of driver and kart as well as a thorough understanding of the gameplay mechanics, which are very solid. Drifting is one of the most essential techniques in any of the Kart games, and in the Wii edition it’s made a little simpler. Gone is the need to constantly push in and out of the direction of your drift – now you just need to hold your drift for a period of time to get a boost. You can hold your drift longer for a second boost while driving a kart, but bikes only get one boost per drift.

Did I mention bikes? Indeed – now in addition to the 3-4 karts available per character (which are mostly just re-skins of the same basic themes: standard, speed, control and unlockable), you have the opportunity to choose from various types of bikes. In general the bikes are more maneuverable and accelerate more quickly, but are more prone to on-track problems when they go up against a cart, especially one driven by a larger character (like DK). In single player mode the bikes are available in the 100 and 150 cc races, while karts are available in the 50 and 150 cc races.

It wouldn’t be a Mario Kart game without power ups, and a few new items make the list this go-round. Of note are the new super mushroom (from New Super Mario Bros.), which makes your character and kart “extra big” to smash other karts and obstacles, like those pesky goombas, brain-dead cows and discourteous AI-controlled drivers. Also available are POW blocks that cause all the other racers to spin out and drop their items and a thundercloud – you have to “tag” another racer within a few seconds of getting the cloud or you’ll be struck by lightning and turned into a teeny-weeny racer.

Another addition to the Wii version of Kart is the availability of multiple control schemes. Some might call it a plethora of control schemes. The options available include the new Wii Wheel (into which you place your Wiimote), Wiimote + Nunchuck, Wiimote only, Gamecube controller or classic controller. Each of these options (with one notable exception) has its drawbacks. The Wii Wheel is fun but because it relies on motion detection to steer it seems a little smooshy – in single player mode the wheel works OK in 50cc and some 100cc play, but at 150cc it just isn’t accurate enough in those races where every split-second counts. The Wiimote on its own just doesn’t work well at all – it’s too erratic. You essentially hold it horizontally as if the controller were in a Wii Wheel, but you lose some stability that comes with the wheel when just using the Wiimote. The GC and classic controllers suffer from the control flaw that tricks (which you can perform in mid-air on jumps to gain a speed boost on landing) require the use of the D-pad, which means you need to let go of the stick. This can be a killer in some of the tracks where mid-air course corrections are necessary – I’m looking at you, Mushroom Gorge.

The one control scheme that I don’t have any fault to assign is the Wiimote+Nunchuk combo. You get all the precision necessary to snake through some of the more challenging hidden corridors, you get the force feedback and remote speaker of the Wiimote and you still get a pretty immersive experience. Sure, it’s not quite as pure fun as the Wii Wheel – so I do recommend giving the wheel a try. It was universally panned as gimmicky prior to launch, but lots of the online reviewers have been rethinking their pre-release positions and retracting their skepticism.

Kart Wii includes 32 total tracks – 16 new tracks in four cups as well as 16 “classic” cups in four cups. The new tracks range from the “variations on a theme” concept of building on previous classics to the insane new ideas that can be either delightfully fun or maddeningly challenging – sometimes both. Here are some of my favorites of the new tracks.

Moo Moo Meadows (Mushroom Cup): This is an “evolution” of the Moo Moo Farm classic track and is pretty fun. There are cows that start to make their way onto the track in the 2nd lap, monty moles that now move around underground and can slow you down with their dirt piles as well as spin you out if you collide with them, and some jumps to use for mini-boosts. I enjoyed this track quite a bit in single player mode, but it comes up SO OFTEN in multiplayer that I’m actually getting a little tired of it.

Mushroom Gorge (Mushroom Cup): Make your way through the Mushroom kingdom, including jumping across giant bouncy mushrooms to bridge chasms and gorges. This can require some careful mid-air course corrections, and a badly timed blue shell or mid-air collision with a heavier player can send you into lakitu recovery mode very quickly.

Coconut Mall (Flower Cup): Drive your way through a giant two-level shopping mall, zooming up and down escalators and out into the parking lot where cars driven by the Miis on your system do their part to make your race even more unpredictable. This track shows up a lot online too, and there’s a reason – it’s lots of fun. Make certain you check the direction of the escalators as you approach – trying to go up the down escalator is a mistake you won’t want to make twice in the same race.

Wario’s Gold Mine (Flower Cup): This is a combination of a classic Wario dirt track and a suspended track that features the occasional swarm of bats and mining carts dragging question mark boxes along behind. This trick gave me some trouble at first, but now I’m finding it to be a lot of fun.

Koopa Cape (Star Cup): This is the Mario Kart equivalent of a water slide level, and it is way too much fun. The dry land sections of the course involve climbing up to the top of a hill where you then jump into a fast-moving stream that takes you into a warp pipe and through a see-through underground pipe laced with electrically charged fans. Sounds wild, right? It is, but in a really great way – this is probably my favorite new track and is worth spending some time on.

Moonview Highway (Special Cup): This course is one of those that includes other moving vehicles, forcing you to change lanes and weave in and out of traffic. This is made much more interesting when you have other players doing everything they can to (a) avoid the traffic and (b) cause you to collide with it.

Rainbow Road (Special Cup): The latest in a long line of amazingly fun tracks that requires some real skill to get through without falling to your doom. This iteration is stylized on the Super Mario Galaxy space theme and is really beautiful – until you plunge off of the side of the track and fall to the Earth below and start BURSTING INTO FLAMES when you gain re-entry. I am not kidding…your cart bursts into flames. NICE.

The difficulty level of the game increases pretty significantly as you progress through the different cups and CC levels, and this becomes especially apparent in the frequency that the AI uses weapons and power ups to make your day very annoying. Trying to spend your entire race at the head of the pack with a healthy lead will likely just cause almost every other racer to come up with those blue flying shells, all of which are heading right for you and there’s not a darned thing you can do to avoid them. This is really not a whole lot different from the other games (especially the DS version, in my opinion), but the AI does seem especially hard on players that are good enough to get into first place for a significant amount of time. The annoying thing is that being in first place means that everything you get is pretty much going to be just bananas and green shells. It is possible to deflect incoming red shells with those items, but the aforementioned blue shells spell doom for a significant lead. This can lead to some frustration, and that’s probably a slight understatement…but sometimes you can use the same type of trick to pull out a come from behind win, and those taste pretty darned sweet.

Graphics – A-: I’ve read a few comments around the interwebs that complain about the Wii version just not looking as pretty as expected, and I guess I may be missing something…but take a look at levels like some of those mentioned above (especially the Rainbow Road and Koopa Cape) and tell me that this isn’t a beautiful game. The thing about Mario Kart is that it is supposed to look cartoony, but this version of the game is very clearly drawn and animated. When other karts go driving by I have no trouble seeing who the character is, what kart model they are driving and even what items they are dragging behind them. Occasionally you see some graphic artifacts (like jaggy lines) that detract only slightly, but otherwise this is really a very solid game graphically – it’s certainly on par with the other Wii games out there. It isn’t as deeply saturated as Mario Galaxy, but I don’t really think that it needs to be – this is a racetrack after all, and not every course should look like the Rainbow Road. Sometimes you need to just make dirt look like…well, dirt.

Multiplayer: A-. This is one of the best reasons to play a Kart game, and this iteration of the franchise expands on the online capabilities introduced with Mario Kart DS. I’m personally a grand prix racer, so I spent several hours looking for random races – both wordwide and regional – to test my skills on. The games starts you out with 5000 points, and placing well in an online race will net you a point increase relative to your current point level while placing poorly will penalize you in a similar fashion. So if you’ve managed to get yourself up to 7500 points and win a race against a bunch of 5500 point racers you won’t necessarily score as many points as a 5500 point racer who had done the same – the game seems to be weighting point additions and subtractions based both upon your point level and the point level of those you’re racing.

The game supports the use of friend codes to play against people you know, which is just as annoying as ever. I have only tried to do this once against a friend from work and just didn’t have very good luck. I just don’t have that many friends with Wiis. 😦 So if you’d like to race online, let me know and I’ll send you my friend code. I’m thinking about getting in on the Infendo Thursday night Kart challenge.

Local multiplayer is always available for up to 4 racers, and you can also have a second racer join you in online multiplayer, which is quite cool. In all the hours I’ve spent now in online multiplayer I haven’t really noticed any lag while racing. The delays seem to happen between races, when you are waiting for the race to be set up or for the other racers to choose whether they want to vote for a specific track or for a random one. It’s obvious that certain tracks are much more popular than others online – I saw lots of Koopa Cape, Daisy Circuit, Moo Moo Meadows and Coconut Mall than any of the other new tracks. Every so often someone would vote for a classic track, of which the Gamecube DK mountain seemed to be the most often nominated.

Replay Value: A. Truth be told, aside from Twilight Princess this is the game I’ve spent the most time on since buying my Wii, with the possible exception of Mario Galaxy. Going through all the different cups on each of the CC levels is just the first step – there are tons of unlockables, including characters, karts and bikes. You can get special little icons that appear next to your Mii when playing online by doing things like scoring very well during the grand prix mode or playing with the Wii Wheel extensively…which is a good thing, I guess. There are also some pretty cool shortcuts on many of the courses that are fun to find, and online multiplayer with fellow racers from around the world makes each race unique and generally fairly challenging. I find the multiplayer races to be more fun than the solo grand prix mode, mainly because of the AI ruthlessness that I mentioned above.

So overall, this game scores a very solid A from me. That said, your mileage may vary. Ha! Get it? Mileage? Karts? Racing? I didn’t pay for that one, feel free to use it.

New Best Game Evar

November 17, 2007

I think I may have found my favorite game of all time. It’s Super Mario Galaxy.This game is freaking incredible. The creativity in the level design, the overall presentation, the amazing playability – everything you’d expect from a Nintendo first-party title “turned up to 11.” It has just the right amount of nostalgia (people on GameFAQs are already identifying callbacks to past games) plus some cool new stuff (bee suit).If you have a Wii, run, don’t walk to the local shop and pick up SMG. If you don’t have a Wii – then buy one and a copy of this game. Between it and Wii Sports, you should be occupied for the rest of the year.

Pardon Me While I Play With My Wii

January 16, 2007

Last November, my wonderful wife accompanied me on the adventure that culminated with the procurement of a Nintendo Wii. I won’t bore you with the gory details of that endeavor – it was actually much less painful than the horror that many other people I know had to go through, especially those that waited 10+ hours at Wal-Mart. I ended up waiting around 4 hours at a Circuit City.

Anyway, I ended up with a Wii and three games – Zelda, something else and something else. To be honest, I haven’t even opened those other two games – Zelda consumed my every game-playing minute. These games are freaking addictive – I did a little playing back on the NES, but really got sucked in on the N64 with the Ocarina of Time, IMHO the best. Game. Ever. Majora’s mask was decent, Wind Waker was fun but short, Minish Cap was enjoyable, but Twilight Princess…man, that was awesome. Better than Ocarina? Maybe. Probably not, but darned close.

It took me around 50 hours of gameplay to finish the game. I spent plenty of time on sidequests, but I still managed to be short ONE piece of heart and ONE stinking poe soul! ARGH! I did manage to get all the different pairs of bugs for cute little Agatha, but those two missing things make me angry. That final fight, though…MAN. I think it took me about a half hour, it was brutal! And so much fun.

The other game I’ve been focusing on has been Wii Sports. Jen and I play bowling and tennis almost every day now, and while I’m still the king of the hill at tennis, she’s giving me more than a run for my money at bowling. I have a hard time rolling the ball consistently, so I’ve managed to set my high of 255 but still keep bowling the occasional 160 game. Yeesh.

One of those two other games I got was the Marvel Ultimate Alliance, so I might actually start messing with it soon. So far I love the Wii – the internet browsing is pretty cool (I can even check work mail on my Nintendo – shudder), but I haven’t yet downloaded a classic game. Once Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World come out, I’M THERE.