Oh, Stargate Atlantis…

October 16, 2007

…how you have turned into a stinky pile of Wraith poo. Do Wraiths poo? Because if they did, it’d smell like Atlantis.

How to take a moderately entertaining show and make it suck:

  • Kill off one of the most endearing characters on the show (Dr. Beckett)
  • Maybe kill off one of the least endearing characters, but leave it up in the air because it’s a cheap source of tension (Dr. Weir)
  • Make us pray that Ronon was really going to leave (or better, get killed) but cop out and have him stay
  • Have Teal’c promise to bring SG-1 by for drop-ins every so often, making this seem more like a special episode of “Archie’s Place” where Mr. Jefferson drops in for a beer…remember the Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase? This was almost as bad as some of that dialogue.
  • Turn Rodney into the screwup of the week – he’s a brilliant scientist, but – d’oh! He messed up another piece of alien technology he didn’t really understand and now the entire episode is full of nerd tension.
  • Make Colonel Sheppard a brooding snark with nothing else to do.

You know, I really wanted to like Atlantis. I enjoyed SG-1 for the most part, but a lot of that came down to the characters. Atlantis’ characters are too shallow and (now that Dr. Beckett is gone) none too interesting. I had brief hope when I saw that the new Doctor was Keylee from Firefly, but she has had less screen time then Zelenka lately. Now Zelenka I like. He’s pretty cool.