The American Dream – Generator of To-Do Lists

April 7, 2008

You often hear Home Ownership referred to as “the American dream.” When we were renting our apartment, and then our duplex, I could have made a great deal of money by charging everyone that told me what a great investment a house would be a dollar for the privilege of stating the obvious. Of course a house is a great investment – for most people it’s their single largest source of wealth, and it just seems to (historically) make sense.

But what home ownership may do in adding to my net worth it certainly has extracted from my free time. Along with the American dream comes the reality of the modern day “honey-do” list, which I now possess for my very own. So what kind of small projects do I have lined up around the palatial Gleason estate for this spring?

  • Finish removing the chain-link fence posts on the south border
  • Replace two damaged deck planks
  • Put trellis material around the bottom of the deck to keep out critters
  • Backfill dirt around a couple of places around the foundation
  • Kill some grass between our new patio and the deck, then put down landscape fabric and mulch
  • Plant a good number of hedge roses along the east fence line
  • Plant some ornamental roses in our new retaining wall planter

Yeesh. That looks like a lot now that it’s in black and white. I have two more projects that I’d like to do this year, but are more a matter of money than just labor. I’d really like to set up a small storage shed to put the mower and other lawn-related implements in, and I’d like to have another retaining wall installed around our front planting area. We’ll just see if I can arrange the funding.

Then of course there’s standard lawn maintenance that I need to get cracking on, things like putting down a weed/feed combo, overseeding a couple of bare spots on the south side of the house and just routine mowing. I’m seriously considering outsourcing the mowing though, as it just seems like time is precious with the little guy running around. Again, it’s just a question of funding…