Google Reader on My iPod Touch

March 30, 2008

For the past few days I’ve been having to just spend my evenings in bed after getting home from work. I haven’t been feeling too well, but it gets pretty boring. I’ve been reading Julia Child’s My Life in France, which is a really good book, but I suffer a bit from ADD – I need to enjoy different stimuli or I become unresponsive, much like an overfed amoeba. So I’ve been using my iPod Touch to peruse my feeds via Google Reader.

The last time I tried using the Safari mobile browser to do this it wasn’t really optimal. I like to categorize my feeds by tags, and I go through each tag individually. Prior to this week, when I would read an individual item there was no way to go back to the tag I had been browsing – it would send me back to the main reader page. Since then the Google people have changed their Safari mobile product to allow me to go back to a tag, which is a Godsend. The overall interface is very nice – the only thing I’d like to see happen is that they put another one of those back buttons at the BOTTOM of the screen as well, so it’s available from the same area that the star/share links are located.

If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch and use the Google suite, you probably already know how cool this is. I also have a Moto Q that I use to get my work email and calendar items, and it’s internet browsing experience is frankly no more than a runny turd. Honestly, it’s putrid, especially compared to the experience on the iPod/iPhone. If Apple releases an iPhone that isn’t tied to the crummy/slow AT&T mobile network, I’ll get one in a heartbeat and give this Moto to someone less fortunate, like my wife.