What a Night!

April 5, 2008

Actually, what a day overall, but the finale was amazing – KU just beat NC BIG TIME in their Final Four matchup. Two huge unanswered scoring runs, one in each half – and ol’ Roy Williams just didn’t look very happy. Well, the sound you’re probably hearing right now are thousands of drunken KU students pouring out of every bar and dorm in Lawrence, KS into the streets to party all night.

Much less exciting but still very cool was today’s premier of the 4th season of “new” Doctor Who on the BBC. Of course, the episode was available across the internets within just a few hours of being aired, and it wasn’t half bad. Donna was NOT my favorite character, but they seemed to tone her down a little bit. And the idea that she has zero romantic interest in the Doctor is a big plus. The Doctor kissing a companion makes me squirm. And the little zinger at the end suggests this season’s overarching arc, and it promises to have an interesting payoff.

Friday was the season premier of Battlestar Galactica, and that was frakkin’ amazing. The battle scene at the beginning was worth an entire episode, and it happened before the opening credits! And the rest of the episode was character-centered and very interesting. I’m anxious to see where this is all going. Did Starbuck really go to Earth? Is she one of the Final Five models? If not, who is it?

And the most exciting part of my weekend? We just bought a new dishwasher. WHEE!!!!!