First Visit from Foster Parents

November 7, 2007

TJ Exploring

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Today was the first time that TJ visited with his foster family. We were a little apprehensive about the visit – just because we weren’t certain how TJ would react both during and after the visit. It’s been so crazy for the last few days that we got a little too stressed out over it.

The visit ended up being just great. TJ had a lot of fun playing in purses and generally just being his normal self, and after they left he did just fine – no crying or tantrums, just a normal afternoon nap. Normal – in that the afternoon naps don’t seem to go as well as the morning ones.

We seem to be getting into a predictable pattern now, and we’re halfway done with baby gate installations. I’ve got gates on the staircase going from the main floor to the upper floor, so tonight we’ll do the basement “fence” and then finish up with the doorway from the main floor to the basement.

TJ seems to be bonding pretty well with us, and we just couldn’t be happier. He’s a great little guy, and I’m really looking forward to his life with us.

Welcome TJ Gleason

November 3, 2007

Wow. In the last 48 hours I’ve become the daddy to a rambunctious 14-month old boy!

How did this happen, you might ask? Well, here’s the story. But first, a little about my new best buddy. His name is Theodore James (TJ) Gleason. He is named after my paternal grandfather and Jen’s maternal grandfather. He was both in August 2006, and he’s got blond hair and bright blue eyes. He’s awesome – he’s toddling all over the place, going from toy to toy to cat to book to mommy to toy to me to…you get the idea.

So TJ in the process of being adopted. We have what is called temporary adoptive custody – we were selected as the adoptive parents, and in six months the whole thing will be final and done. There was some drama around the adoption process, but that’s all done with now and our focus is on TJ and his well-being.

He is adjusting amazingly well – he’s been with us now for 24 hours, and in that time he’s been just great. He hasn’t really demonstrated any of the anxiety we expected, but it’s still very early – I’m sure he’s going to wake up one day from a nap or something and think, “this isn’t where I used to be.” But the fact is that now he is home – and we want to make him as happy and comfortable as we possibly can.

So, for Jen and I this means a complete change of lifestyle. From being dual-income no kid types to a 14-month old and a temporary stay at hom mom (Jen is on leave until February), it’s going to be a real switch. Of course there are toys and books and whatnot everywhere – and it’s pretty darn cool.