What’s Up With AT&T and Yahoo?

I received a notice a couple of weeks ago that after the first of the year my “complimentary” AT&T Yahoo! Flickr Pro account is going to be turned off, and I’m going to have to pay for service from Flickr going forward.

What?! Flickr is just about the only thing I really use from this AT&T/Yahoo! partnership. I dropped My Yahoo! and Yahoo Mail quite some time ago in favor of their Google competitors, but Flickr is actually pretty cool. I like the community aspect of it, and it’s (relatively) easy to upload pictures from my Mac. I wish there was better integration with iPhoto – there are some 3rd party things that are OK, but not as nice as the “official” Flickr uploader tool.

So I guess I like Flickr enough that I’ll pay for the service, but at this point I’m really getting squat in terms of “services” along with my AT&T DSL. So I guess that means that the next time Time-Warner or someone else comes knocking I’ll have something to think about.


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