Bariatric Surgery Approved

For some reason my wordpress order at my new web hosting company hasn’t worked right, so until that happens I guess I’ll post some new things here.

So, the big news: my bariatric surgery – an open Roux-En-Y gastric bypass – has finally been approved by Coventry. I won’t have a date until after the first of the year – the surgeon is working on his 2009 calendar for trauma, conferences, etc. right now, but his secretary said last Friday that it should be no later than the end of February, 2009. 2 months!

My surgery will be three-fold, actually. They’ll be removing my gallbladder, which has been giving me more and more problems lately. They’ll be doing the full gastric bypass, which involves the stomach “stapling” and the bypass of the first part of the small bowel, and then they’ll try to repair some of the fascia (soft tissue) around my umbilical hernia and remove the failed mesh from the repair site.

I should be in the hospital – KU Medical Center – for 4 days or so, and then another week and a half at home before I can drive and work again, if everything goes smoothly. The most common problems, I’m told, include infection of the incision (which I had to deal with during my hernia surgery some years ago) and a possible “growing over” of the new opening from my stomach “pouch” to the bypassed small bowel. The latter is somewhat common but is an inpatient fix much like an EGD, where they sedate you and use a probe to break up the scar tissue that may form in the stomach.

As soon as I know the date I’ll be posting more either here or on my new blog, but I am VERY excited about this. It’s been a long road to get this far – I first started looking into this in September 2006, when Brian Shepard of the Poobahs told me about the lap-band procedure. I went to a Shawnee Mission Medical Center seminar in January 2007, then went back to Weight Watchers throughout 2007 because SMMC had a maximum BMI value that I was well over. I found out about the folks at the Minimally Invasive Surgical Center in January 2008, and had been working with them all year. They aren’t in-network for me, and finally Coventry suggested in August that I contact KUMC. I had an appointment with Dr. Udobi there, got them all my paperwork (and a new blood and thyroid lab), and they sent all the insurance stuff around the first of November.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    What awesome news Dwain!! WOW!

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