The End of the First Tiny Little Leg of the Journey is Approaching

Two weeks from today, little Theodore James Gleason and his family (including much of his extended family) will be attending his final adoption hearing. To say that we’re excited would be something of an understatement.

It’s hard to put into words just how surprised we were a little over six months ago when we were given adoptive custody of TJ. We had quite literally convinced ourselves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we would not be selected and given custody. It seemed throughout the entire process – not just the adoption of TJ, but all of our prior selections in the overall adoptive process – that things just seemed to be stacked against us. So many different staffings, several different selections – each of which ended up sadly because of no fault of our own. Some of those situations even led to policy changes to ensure that the same thing couldn’t happen to other adoptive families…too late for us, though!

I remember very clearly the night before – Halloween night – talking with Jen and both of us just knowing that something would happen and we would just be going back to work the next day, probably no longer even interested in persisting in the adoption system at all. Around 12 hours later the entire world was set on its side, and suddenly we had a whole new person in our lives to learn about.

To say that TJ has been a blessing would be a total understatement. Many days when I’m feeling just plain crummy, all I have to do is think of his adorable little smile, his funny little laugh and the way he runs up to me when I get home and suddenly I feel my spirits lifted. We are often asked – still – if we have all adjusted OK, and the answer is a simple yes. TJ adjusted pretty much from day one – he has never once given us an indication that he’s ever been less than happy, aside from occasionally not being happy that he can’t play with the phone, have a drink from Daddy’s glass or the other travesties of life that are committed upon the person of an otherwise happy 20-month old boy.

So Memorial Day weekend is going to be a big time for the Gleason family


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