Northland Tornado Damage Surveyed

In going to the grocery store today (we frequent the Hy-Vee at Englewood and North Oak), we thought we’d take a look at the damage done along North Oak that has been shown on the news so much lately.

Along Englewood road there was quite a bit of roof damage done to the QuikTrip and the shopping center where Leo’s (BEST pizza around, BTW) and SidePockets got hit by another tornado a few years ago. The center looked like it was open – as was QuikTrip – but there were lots of shingles and signs ripped up.

Coming back home along North Oak we did see the check cashing place that has been getting talked about on the news, and it’s true – the place is nothing but rubble. Margarita’s next door was already being worked on – a crane looked like it was either removing or replacing a roof air conditioning unit. There were several other businesses in the area that looked like they suffered either wind or debris damage. We couldn’t really tell if Fins and Foliage (our favorite place for tropical fish) had been damaged – it’s right behind the other stores that were hit. Thankfully (?) our Sonic and LC’s hamburgers didn’t seem to be affected.

I will say that this damage looked a lot different than the damage around Parkville a few years ago when the tornado jumped the river, then proceeded eastward across Gladstone and into Liberty. Driving along Highway 9 you could see where it looked like something had just chewed a hole into the trees along the road, and there were several industrial corrugated metal industrial buildings that were just ripped apart. In that instance the path of the tornado was pretty evident – it had stayed on the ground for a while and left a trail. In the case of the Friday morning storm the tornadoes look to have been jumping up and down, and just happened to come down directly on some homes and businesses.

Our own neighborhood suffered mainly tree damage – lots of limbs down in the area, and one tree knocked across the road one street over from us. Our own damage was pretty minimal – we’re going to see if someone from Westlake can fix our window problems for less than our homeowner’s deductible.

I guess it goes to show you that the weather remains very much unpredictable, despite what all the computer models and graphics on the TV news would indicate.

Finally, a note of thanks. A couple of years back on my previous blog I chided the Fox 4 Weather team for not allowing comments on their blog. I hadn’t been back in quite a while, but was interested in their commentary on Friday morning’s events. While reading a post from Joe Lauria I did see that they now allow comments, so good for them.


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