You Have Failed Me For The Last Time, DirecTV

After waiting until around 6:45 tonight, we finally got a call from the local contract dispatcher for whatever company is supposed to be here installing my replacement DVR, complaining that they “don’t have the equipment,” that “their tech had too many other appointments” and that they’d like to be here first thing in the morning. We said, “no.” Hopefully they’ll come tomorrow afternoon instead, so this makes this THREE DAYS IN A ROW that one or both of us will be coming home early from work to meet:

– A technician who is apparently working for a company that can’t manage its work orders
– Somebody from a company that doesn’t carry HD DVR equipment that is ironically in stock and highly available at the Best Buy not 5 minutes from my home

This is un-freaking-acceptable. I shall be having words with DirecTV when I finally get my DVR.


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