Apple Has New iMacs – What Now?

I bought my 24″ iMac last year (sometime in August or September), and this morning Apple has released a refresh of the entire iMac line. The really compelling thing about the high end 24″ iMac is that it includes a pretty spiffy nVidia graphics card – an 8800gts if I’m not mistaken.

Of course, being an iMac I can’t just upgrade – but I’m not certain that it’s worth upgrading just for a slightly faster processer but a much shinier graphics card. I am using my iMac more and more for photo and video on the Mac side and gaming on the Vista Boot Camp partition, so a better graphics card just makes a lot of sense. I may take a look and see how much I might get for the iMac on CraigsList or EBay – supposedly their resale value is pretty good. I also believe there are a couple of local dealers that might take a trade in or something.

GRR! Darn you, Apple, for refreshing your iMac line and making me covet a new model!


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