Welcome to 2005, Dwain!

Yes, I’m now tweeting. Why did I suddenly hop on the Web 2.0 bandwagon?

The simple answer is that my tweet timeline is all about work. I no longer sit very close to the rest of my team, but I want them to feel like they know what I’m up to. So I’m going to be tweeting updates as I go to meetings, work on things for them, stuff like that. They’ll be subscribing with an RSS reader, and I’ll be sending updates from wherever, either on my laptop or on my phone. I will be doing the same with some home stuff…most of my family isn’t exactly super high-tech, but maybe if I tell them to start looking at my timeline they’ll do it. Or not.

I feel so young. Maybe I need a MySpace page next. Anyone want to be my friend? It looked really cool on the Internet House Party


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