The Official Holiday of the Internet

If you were to choose a single holiday as being the official holiday of the internet, what would it be? Shrove Tuesday? Arbor Day? Canada Day?

No, no, and probably not. No, my pick for the official holiday of the internet is yesterday – April Fool’s Day.

Why? Because anyone with the capacity to string a few sentences together can make up some lame excuse for a prank, joke post, outright lie or otherwise wishful prose and call it an April Fool’s Day prank. They were everywhere, from Google to Cracked, so you probably managed to see one if you follow, say, anyone.

Time was that it took effort, creativity and skill to pull off a successful April Fool’s Day prank. Lord knows I’ve never done it, I always wake up on the morning of April 1st and try to think of a creative way to make my wife think that she accidentally purchased regular soda instead of our normal diet fare. That’s when the hilarity starts. I have nothing but envy for the type of people who can pull off a successful intricate prank on their friends or loved ones, and I possess even more outright jealousy for those with the forethought to videotape the hi-jinx and obtain a $10,000 check from the likes of television’s Jim Bergeron.

That’s not to say that some the internet blog and site pranks weren’t good or interesting or at least diversionary. There was a mildly entertaining preview for a Legend of Zelda movie that made me (a) wish there might someday be such a thing and (b) simultaneously hopeful that no one would ever try such a thing. I’m talkin’ about you, Uwe Boll.

So as of now, for me every April 1st will be the official Day of the Internet. Since Hallmark Cards turned a profit again this year I think I’ll try to pitch Internet Day cards to them. It would be the height of irony to celebrate Internet Day by sending someone a real card from a brick and mortar store. Har! Oh, the joviality of it all. I’d better stop, I think my sides just split.


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