Best Breakfasts

There is an article up at rating the 15 best breakfast places in America. Of course, no Kansas City establishments made the list, and that’s OK. To add to the breakfast meme, here are a few of my thoughts on some great breakfast places around town.

Corner Cafe (Riverside and Liberty): This is the one breakfast to rule them all, one breakfast to bind them up…you get the picture. The Corner has some great down-home breakfast items, and they don’t skimp on the portions. If you don’t believe me, try the biscuits and gravy or the big-as-all-get-out sticky bun. They bake their own stuff right on site, which is a real plus. The prices are pretty reasonable, too.

Big Biscuit (Blue Springs): This place used to be in Independence on Highway 40, but recently moved over onto Highway 7 in Blue Springs. As the name implies their biscuits are their claim to fame, but I really recommend their country benedict – essentially biscuits with eggs and sausage patties smothered in gravy. What’s not to like about that? I wish that I could recommend another place in Blue Springs – a diner on 40 highway – but they don’t take cards, so I never got to go. Everyone else raves about it.

My other breakfast favorite is not just in Kansas City, but it’s midwestern – the QuikTrip jalapeno cheese sausage roll. These things ROCK – if you like something spicy in the morning, they will definitely fit the bill. Sure they have more chemicals in them than a Sugar Creek refinery, but they sure do taste good while they eat through your small intestine.

I know lots of people really like First Watch, and it’s pretty good…just not one of my favorites. I’ll also confess that I have a certain fondness for the breakfast items at Sonic, but since they stopped serving pancake on a stick it just hasn’t been the same. Food always tastes better on a stick. That’s why ribs are so good.


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