You Put the Devil In Me

My sister in law Natasha doesn’t care for mayo or “salad dressing” – aka Miracle Whip – so she can’t really partake of the good old midwestern deviled eggs that I usually create for family dinners. I consider it a shame that she doesn’t like mayo – I love the stuff, and like Miracle Whip a great deal as well – and it’s an even greater shame that this has led to a serious lack of deviled egg goodness in her life.

A Christmas or two ago my mother in law bought me a deviled egg cookbook. That’s right, a book with recipes for nothing but deviled eggs. Over 50 of them, in fact. Many of them don’t have a drop of mayo in them at all, and many of them are rather eclectic. Some family favorites have included Blue Devils (with bleu cheese and bacon), Crabby Eggs (with crab and capers) and Buffalo Eggs (with chicken and buffalo wing sauce). Tonight I made a batch of eggs from a new recipe, and I won’t include the entire title just because it’s so incredibly long. Suffice it to say that they’re what I’d call Thai Eggs, with ginger, curry, toasted coconut and cream cheese. They are QUITE tasty, and they are garnished with a little chutney and some cilantro chiffonade.

For my sister in law, I tried my hand at an original recipe, and I’m quite happy with it. They are Bacon Sour Cream and Ranch Eggs. Basically, I took the yolks from a dozen hard cooked eggs, mashed them well with a fork, and then mixed them with about a cup of sour cream, about a quarter of a cup of chopped bacon and about half of a packet of dry ranch dressing mix. Add a little salt and pepper and voila – they’re very good. I hope she likes them.

One final thought on years of deviled egg making – “older” eggs are much easier to peel, it’s true. I bought four dozen eggs last weekend and let them sit in the fridge since then, and peeling them was quite easy after boiling. I tried hard not to over-boil them – just bring the eggs to a rolling boil, then take them off the heat entirely and let them sit (covered) for 15 minutes. Shock with cold water and they’re ready to peel as soon as they’re cool.

Well, that’s my deviled egg blog post. Ta-da!


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  1. Rebecca says:

    PS: Almost 3 months between posts is unacceptable… 🙂

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