Cross Browser Compatability

Suddenly, it’s very important to me that web sites work in multiple browsers. Up until recently, all I’ve really used is IE – version 6 at work, 7 at home. All those other browsers could suck lemons for all I cared, because I didn’t need to worry about them. They were for geeks and weirdos.

Then I bought a new 24″ iMac. And now I use Safari and Firefox. And now…I care.

The browser compatability thing hasn’t actually bitten me much until this week, when one of my favorite intellectually-stimulating sites – – redid their site and it looks like warmed-over poo in Safari. It actually doesn’t look much better than that in Firefox either, more like warmed-over diarrhea in a dixie cup. It used to look like hot s*&t in a champagne glass. I really need new episodes of The Venture Bros.

Pretty much every other site I frequent that isn’t completely Microsoft-centric seems to have a decent handle on this cross-browser shindig. But for some reason, – even with their vast IT department and mountains of cash for high-priced consultants – can’t seem to figure it out. Ah well, I’m sure they’ll get around to servicing the 7% of their readership that uses Safari.


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