Back In The Saddle

Rather than post some apologetic “sorry I haven’t blogged” entry, I thought I’d just start back up. Let’s pretend the last 9 months never happened.

I found out last week that the Zarda BBQ at 135th and Metcalf was gone, replaced by a Smokehouse BBQ! As a Northlander that made me happy, as Smokehouse is a real Northland institution. The first thing I ordered was of course the Big Crispy, kind of the same thing as a Poor Russ. It was tasty as always, but I did notice that it wasn’t really too crispy…it was actually a little soggy.

So I went back yesterday and tried their “pulled” pork platter, and what do you know – soggy! While it had OK flavor (for having been drowned in sauce), it was just soaking wet and actually was kind of spongy. It also wasn’t pulled at all – it looked like it was chopped. Not too tasty. The beans as always were awesome though.

So, I still advocate Oklahoma Joe’s as best Pulled Pork in Kansas City.

As far as the new TV season goes, I’m watching:

  • Mondays – Top Gear, Chuck*, Heroes
  • Tuesdays – Nothing
  • Wednesdays – Pushing Daisies*
  • Thursdays – Smallville, My Name is Earl, The Office
  • Fridays – Stargate Atlantis
  • Saturdays – Torchwood
  • Sundays – Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy

As you can see, only a few “new” shows on there, all of which are great…but will they last? Somehow I doubt it. I watched a little of the new Bionic Woman last night and was happy with Katee Sackhoff as the apparent “bad” bionic woman, but wasn’t too impressed with the “good” bionic woman. “Meh.” I probably won’t be TiVO’ing that.


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