Hello world!

Yes, this is the ubiquitous Hello World posting, announcing to the .000001% of internet users that care that my blog has once again returned for the joy of my readers (all seven or so of them).

I’m often asked why the old blog – “More Dwain Than the Law Should Allow” – went away. The answers are many, confusing and often contradictory. Essentially it was an emotional decision that I do in fact regret, but it’s taken me close to a year to decide to start blogging “recreationally” again.

I do have a work-related blog for the development/IT group at Sunflower – http://dwainitblog.spaces.live.com/ – but it’s pretty dry, and it does take me a lot of work to maintain. Or at least time – not work so much, as I enjoy doing the research for the blog, but it takes time for me to read the articles and get them compiled.

So why did I decide to restart my blog? Read on to the next post.


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